A year passes.

18 Sep

Looking back over this first year of my blogging  career I am amazed at what has transpired in my life. Mostly because I consider my life relatively quiet, relatively uneventful. And in truth I’m usually good with that.  But as individual moments are replayed in my mind I realize I do not lead the quiet life I thought I did. image

Not only have I been writing on wordpress quite steadily  for twelve months, something I never thought I’d find the time to do, and made some lovely blogging friends, my personal life has experienced some changes.

My son joined the police force, we bought a vacation home, my job changed considerably and I had that awful fall that broke my ribs and injured my back, making the last few months a challenge at best.

But overall I most certainly do not  look back with unhappiness!

I am far too blessed to do that. I thank God for each moment of this last year and I know I have learned so much about who I am and what’s truly important to me. And that boils down to pleasing God and being a good wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. I know I am not always perfect at any of that. It is my goal to improve steadily.

I wonder what the upcoming year will bring. I know it will surprise me as this one did and whatever comes along I will try with grace and a grateful heart to accept it.

And without a doubt I will continue to praise God and all His works.

Reconnecting is good for the soul.

15 Sep

I spent both Saturday and Sunday with family members that I haven’t had the opportunity to see in a while. Specifically my sisters and sister in law and neices. Yes, all women.

There is nothing like recharging your family battery by submersing yourself in the company of the people who have known you forever.  The laughs come easy and long, and the ease of conversation is an enormously welcome comfort in a life that has the usual stresses and  struggles.

The moment you reconnect you are home. You can pick up where you left off no matter how long ago that was. And most sentences start with So……   Because you’re already speaking as if the conversation was in full swing. Even in your absence.

When all that is unhealthy in families is put aside, what’s left is a beautiful bond that feels like a shawl wrapped around your shoulders, connecting you to those who call themselves family.

I pray you have all felt the warmth and love in your lives that I felt this weekend.

I am blessed indeed.

What are you not sharing?

13 Sep

Consider this.

Many people are not sharing what God specifically meant for them to give out to the world. image

If you aren’t giving people your best, who’s being cheated?

WE are, of course. The people you know, the people you interact with. But we aren’t the only ones.

If you aren’t putting forth whatever it is you’ve been gifted with as often as possible, you are cheating God.

Yes, God.

You have a responsibility to make the most of your talents, your traits that make you uniquely you. He gave them to you for a reason. There’s a purpose you’re not fulfilling and it’s time you did.

How do you imagine God feels as He watches while you neglect to do something with that amazing skill you’ve been given?  While you ignore the potential that lies within you?

What are you not sharing?

Are you thinking it’s not good enough. No one will care or be interested?

If that were true it would be the same as saying God made a mistake giving it to you.

But you know better than that.

Childhood memories return.

11 Sep

There are experiences I’ve long buried from my youth.

Words, although unable to be unsaid, had finally become distant, murky images, almost unrecognizeable.

But recently a conversation brought back a feeling I’d long forgotten. A feeling I wished to never feel again but there it was.






And it held for a while.

Until I told my children.

Who assured me nothing from that conversation was worth the stress It was causing me.  Who explained that I have a right to lead my life and a right to my opinions, and to act according to what I think is right, but most importantly they reinforced their love, their support and their loyalty.


It  reminded me that although I long to please the people I love, I answer to God and God alone.

And I’m good with that.


The Avengers

7 Sep

I’m hooked on this movie. I know it’s a few years old now but I still watch it and I get so pumped every time.

I’m a sucker for the good guy vs bad guy struggle.


The fictional but entertaining characters each bring something unique to the table.



Captain America


The Hulk


And the random 2 characters who don’t have quite as much charisma as the others.  Poor things.


But they each battle in their own way. They battle evil. And they never give up. And they’re thrown several curves believe me. Yet somehow they get up again and again.

You and I must fight our own demons, day after day. And we don’t have Thor’s hammer or Ironman’s suit or Captain America’s shield. We won’t even discuss The Hulk.

So how are we expected to go up against dark forces without these aids?

Yes!  You guessed it!  Put on the armor of The Lord. Wear it proudly and consistently.

Nothing will protect you, enable you and empower you more.

We may not have to stand up to creatures from another planet but we surely will meet up with unscrupulous characters and those anxious to ruin us. To ruin our goodness, to take our kindness and to cheat us of our loving ways.


Don’t let it happen.

Call upon your general.

Rally the troops.

Immerse yourself in the one who defeats hatefulness with love and you’ll be invincible.

Why do you love God?

4 Sep



But why?  What is it that causes you to praise Him, to sing songs of worship to Him, to try and please Him as best you can?


Why do you love Him?


Is it how He watches over you?  How He forgives your every sin?

Maybe knowing there’s nothing you can’t tell Him. Nothing He hasn’t heard before yet never tires of your voice.

Or how He guides your heart and soul to do what’s good and right. How challenges you present to Him are His forte. How He answers your prayers.

Whatever the reason, hold on to it with all of your might. Because whatever you think He’s doing in your life, you’re right.

So loving Him is the best thing you could possibly do. Don’t lose that ever.


Keep Him close. Remember always that you have no better friend, confident, parent, than Him.   You have been blessed to know that He is the Saviour of the world.


Your Saviour. Reason enough to love Him.

My kingdom for a horse!

1 Sep

I really want a horse. I don’t see it happening in the foreseeable future, but at least I get the chance to see them often now. image Country life, even part time, has it’s advantages. They are everywhere. Praise God!

We passed the two guys in the above picture recently on their steeds around the block from our house. That was a rare site. Most of the horses we see are in fields and on farms. This took us by surprise.

It gives me such a feeling of awe that these lovely creatures carry mankind around with such ease.  Such endurance.


Such power.


Kinda like Our Father.


He carries us effortlessly. If we just let Him.

And there’s no saddle, no bit, no breaking Him in.

He’s just there, waiting to sweep us off our feet through trials and fears, illnesses and grief.

He doesn’t get skiddish or need a break.


There has never been a better source of constant power in the history of the world.


Psalm 20:7

Some trust in chariots and some in horses,

but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.


Giddy up!









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